• Kevin

    Thank you very much, working perfectly!

  • Kyo Vardolla

    i’m success install lampp server and phpmyadmin on centos 7, then i put my web on /var/www/html, i trying login to my web and its success… But when i trying upload an image to my web its cant move to my directory on server. i change permissions to 755 or 777 but still cant save my file…. how to configure its.. my directory upload is /var/www/html/my_web/uploaddir. thanks before

    • what does it says? whats the error on php?

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  • lisy

    Thank you very much

  • Caroline

    Even one year later your tutorial is greatful !!! (y)

  • 81 k

    and how do you cume to phpMyAdmin log in ? i try efter my ip number phpMyAdmin but not get log in ?

    do i ned downloade folder from phpMyAdmin.com and put in var/www/html foldern ?

    or thet som als comando and phpMyAdmin efter ip number i ned to get to php log in and make data base ?

    i new in use centos7

  • mieu

    in case if get errors -bash: firewall-cmd: command not found

    [root@nl1034 ~]# yum install firewalld
    [root@nl1034 ~]# systemctl unmask firewalld
    [root@nl1034 ~]# systemctl enable firewalld
    [root@nl1034 ~]# systemctl start firewalld