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Centos_featuredHow to install LAMP server on centos 7

LAMP is a group of open source softwares installed together to build a webserver. LAMP refers to Linux (Operating system), Apache (Web service), MySQL/MariaDB (Database) , PHP (Programming language). This guide helps you to install LAMP server on centos 7. Before starting installation, you need to setup Static IP and hostname . You can also […]

linuxmint_featuredHow to install Lamp on linux mint 13

LAMP: LAMP is basically a software bundle made up of open-source softwares ( Linux – Apache – Mysql or Marimba – Php / Perl / Python ) . LAMP refers to the first letters of each component . This article explains the installation and configuration of LAMP on linux mint 13. Install LAMP on linux […]

JQuery-featuredjQuery AJAX form submit using twitter bootstrap modal

In this article we can see about submitting a form using twitter boostrap modal . Twitter bootstrap contains a modal which has responsive features and beautiful CSS styles. Here we required two files: » index.html » process.php DemoDownload Javascript and CSS files : Include Jquery and Bootstrap files in index.html

Form content : Here […]

Ubuntu_featuredInstall and configure nginx webserver in ubuntu 12.04

Nginx Nginx is a lightweight webserver which is more stable and secure, it serves static content 50 times faster than Apache. nginx is a perfect load balancer can able to handle more than 7000 live request per second , In the meantime it consumes only less cpu and memory. Nginx reverse proxy is very powerful […]

Ubuntu_featuredHow to install phpmyadmin on ubuntu 12.04

Phpmyadmin on ubuntu : Phpmyadmin is a free tool used to administrative MySQL database in a GUI mode ( Using web browser ) . You can perform almost all the major tasks like creating , deleting  and modifying databases, tables, rows etc. you can also optimize and repair tables just with a single click . Phpmyadmin […]

Ubuntu_featuredInstall Apache2, Mysql and PHP on Ubuntu 12.04 (LAMP)

How to install Apache , mysql and PHP on Ubuntu 12.04 . In this tutorial we will learn how to install/configure own webserver on ubuntu 12.04 . Installing apache , mysql and php on ubuntu is pretty easy , just follow the steps . After installing Ubuntu 12.04 (Ubuntu 12.04 installation step by step screenshots […]

Centos_featuredHow to install phpmyadmin on centos 6

Phpmyadmin : Phpmyadmin is a free tool used to administrate MySQL . Phpmyadmin supports all major operation with MySQL in GUI mode. Before configuring Phpmyadmin refer these steps for installing and configuring apache , mysql and php. 1. Apache2 installation and configuration 2. Mysql installation 3. PHP installation 4. Testing all together PhpMyadmin installation on […]

Centos_featuredInstalling Apache2 , Mysql server and PHP on Centos 6 (LAMP)

How to install Apache , mysql and PHP on centos 6 . In this tutorial we can see the step by step installation of Apache webserver along with mysql and php enabled. This tutorial is very basic , Strictly for beginners or internal purpose . After installing Centos 6 (Centos 6 installation step by step […]