• This article is easier. I was searching something like this. Thank you.

  • Jim O’Quinn

    This article was helpful. I’m still adjusting to all the changes in v7 — the missing “setup” command to configure/modify basic network settings, the ifcfg-eth0 network configuration file was renamed to something else, and my trusty “service” command was replaced with “systemctl”.

    Not complaining, BTW. Having survived through several releases of AIX, Solaris, Redhat/CentOS, and spent time with Debian, Slackware, Caldera, heck even Xandros at one point, plus the always interesting *BSD flavors — largely I’m indifferent.

  • Eric

    I have installed CentOS 7.0 but “nmcli d” only gives me my lo lookback device, no Ethernet. I have installed Fedora 21 which uses basically the same interface and it finds my network card.

    For some reason it does not activate the network card so that it can be worked on.

    Any ideas?

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  • Mike Barrett

    Why does CentOS have the NICs disabled by default? I don’t see that in Ubuntu or

  • John

    how do i save the changes i made in configuration file and exit in CentOS 7

    • Mike Barrett

      If you are doing vi, hit escape then type : then type w enter then q to quit enter

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    Super, excellent guide. Thank you.

  • Ramon Giovane

    My network uses DHCP and when i try to resart or stop and start network.service it says:
    “Job for network.service failed. See ‘sytemctl status bla bla bla”
    What can i do solve it? I’m using a virtual machine.

  • kmok kmok

    Is enp0s17 for wired wifi while enp018 for wireless ?
    Same ways to configure wireless ?

  • Mohammed Jasaam

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    Thanks for the detailed explanation. This worked for me.

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