• Faiz

    Gud one….., solved the root issue for me…..

  • Faiz

    Gud one….., solved the root issue for me…..

  • Girayhan Menekay

    its always entering Welcome to CentOS page, not to gui please help

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  • Girayhan Menekay

    problem solved, you need to edit init file for start gui on boot.

  • Simon Cheng

    You missed setting firewall…

  • Alberto Santos

    localhost.internal systemd[1]: Failed to start Remote desktop service (VNC).

    — Subject: Unit vncserver@:1.service has failed

    Remove this file if there is no X server
    : A VNC server is already running as :1

    .internal:1 is taken because of /tmp/.X11-unix/X1

    pam_unix(runuser-l:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0)

    hi i failed to start the vnc server any ideas?

  • Đàm Huy Mạnh

    How to open file in step 3?

  • Bhavesh Parmar

    Helped me, getting it done. Thank you !

    Just one thing that in step 5, tell that either login or switch as the user or ssh as the user, for which we want to give vnc server access.

    For example,
    [root@server ~]# su – bhavesh
    [bhavesh@server ~]$ vncpasswd

  • Carlos

    nice tuto.. I had already read 5 other tutorials, this one worked! thx!