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How to Install adobe flash player on ubuntu 12.04

Installing flash player on ubuntu 12.04 :

Adobe flash player is the only application that allow you to browse multimedia content like animations , flash games , videos , advertisements , rich media content etc.. Adobe flash player is designed to support all the operating systems like windows , MAC , linux , solaris , android , mobile OS ad more..

Here we can see how to install adobe flash player on Ubuntu 12.04 .

Command mode installation:

Step 1 » Before starting the installation we need to update the repository

krizna@leela:~$ sudo apt-get update

Step 2 » After updating the repository. you can install Adobe flash player in a single command

krizna@leela:~$ sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer

This will install adobe flash player along with dependencies .

All in one command . ( Alternative )

Alternatively the following command will install all the multimedia plugins and libraries that needed to play mp3 and video formats . This command will install adobe flash player too.

krizna@leela:~$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

GUI mode installation:

Step 1 » Goto ” Ubuntu software center “  . type ” Adobe flash plugin  ” in the search box ( Top right ) . You can see the Adobe flash plugin in the list .

Install adobe flash player ubuntu 12.04

Step 2 » Just press  ” install ” and wait for the installation to complete .

Install adobe flash player ubuntu 12.04

After installation you can view multimedia content in your browser .

Testing installation:

Just goto ” ” in your browser and you can see the flash player version details .

Install adobe flash player ubuntu 12.04 version check