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How to install VLC player on ubuntu 12.04

Installing VLC player on ubuntu 12.04

VLC player is one of the best software for watching movies of different formats (avi , wmv , mpg , mpeg , mov , ram , mp4 , swf, flv ) .

VLC media player is the best media player alternative for both windows and ubuntu . here we can see how to install VLC player on ubuntu 12.04 .By default ubuntu 12.04 contains VLC package in the repository , just we need to install the package .

Command mode installation:

Step 1 » Before starting the installation we need to update the repository

krizna@leela:~$ sudo apt-get update

Step 2 » After updating the repository install VLC package along with required plugins .

krizna@leela:~$ sudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin mozilla-plugin-vlc

It will take some time to install VLC package and all the dependency softwares along with  vlc plugins .After installation , you can start using VLC player.

GUI mode installation:

Step 1 » Goto ” Ubuntu software center ”  . type ” VLC ” in the search box ( Top right ) . You can see the VLC media player in the list .

Install vlc  ubuntu12_04

Install vlc ubuntu12_04_1

Step 2 » Just press  ” install ” and wait for the installation to complete .

Install vlc ubuntu12_04_2

After installation you can see the vlc in the application list .

Install vlc player ubuntu 12_04

Install vlc player ubuntu 12_04