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How to install adobe reader in ubuntu 14.04

Adobe reader is the most essential PDF viewer . This guide helps you to install adobe reader in ubuntu 14.04 Desktop.
As of now adobe reader is not included in the official ubuntu 14.04 repository. you need to download and install Manually . Adobe has already released .dep package for debian which can be used for ubuntu 14.04.

Install adobe reader in ubuntu 14.04.

Step 1 » Update repositories ( Might required for 64 Bit ).
[email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get update
Step 2 » Download adobe reader using this link – Adobe reader download ( Direct download ) or go to Adobe reader download and choose .dep package.
Install Adobe reader ubuntu 14.04

[email protected]:~$ cd Downloads
[email protected]:~/Downloads$ wget

Step 3 » Now open terminal ( ALT+CTRL+T ) and change the permission for the Downloaded file .
[email protected]:~/Downloads$ chmod 777 AdbeRdr9.5.5-1_i386linux_enu.deb
Step 4 » Install the downloaded package using the below command.
[email protected]:~/Downloads$ sudo dpkg -i AdbeRdr9.5.5-1_i386linux_enu.deb
That’s it … you can now use adobe reader .
For ubuntu 64 bit users the above command will result in some dependencies error . This is because you are trying to install 32 bit package on 64 bit OS . you need to install 32 bit dependencies .
» Issue the below command after the above step to install required dependencies .
[email protected]:~/Downloads$ sudo apt-get -f install
» and the below command for installing other required dependencies.
[email protected]:~/Downloads$ sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-0:i386 libnss3-1d:i386 libnspr4-0d:i386 lib32nss-mdns libxml2:i386 libxslt1.1:i386 libstdc++6:i386
Now you can open adobe reader on 64 bit OS .