8 Responses to “Install and configure DHCP server on centos 6”

  1. Jose luis says:

    este error
    setgroups: Operation not permitted

    • krizna says:

      Hi luis,
      It just because of selinux . please disable selinux and reboot your machine and try again.

      #vim /etc/selinux/config
      find this line
      and replace with

      and reboot your machine .

  2. chris says:

    thanks for this article, it works, now i know where to start as i go deeper studies on dhcp server.

  3. rosesa says:

    +1 for selinux troubleshooting comment

  4. I have installed and configured dhcp,exactly as told in this post but when I am starting dhcpd service it’s getting failed …..can u please help me …and I also have disabled the selinux….but problem is still persisting……

  5. Daniel Raiche says:

    I’m having an odd problem, it keeps telling me semicolon expected when I start the dhcpd service, but I’m sitting here looking at the semicolon in the config file. I’ve re-created a few times and the same thing happens, won’t allow me to start the service.

  6. shell says:

    thank you very much for the information here..it really helps a lot..

  7. shell says:

    I have a problem in configuring my dhcp server…when i tried to service dhcpd restart it will always failed.

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