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Ubuntu_featuredHow to install virtualbox on ubuntu 12.04

Oracle virtualbox is a cross-platform virtualization software which means it can be installed on windows, Mac and Linux . VirtualBox supports all major operating systems in its virtual machines, Please refer this link for more details ( » Install Virtualbox on ubuntu 12.04 : Installing virtualbox on ubuntu 12.04 is very simple, just with 4 commands . Let’s start […]

Windows-featuredInstall ubuntu on windows 7 – VirtualBox

Virtual Machine : Virtual machine is a software implementation that helps to run operating system virtually within a operating system (eg: You can run linux/solaris/windows OS on windows OS). Virtual machine can be useful for windows user who would like to try linux without effecting your current windows OS. Virtual machine is just like other […]

Windows-featuredBest free softwares for windows 7 desktop

Best free softwares for windows 7 We have lot of free softwares for windows, Here is the list of best essential free softwares for windows 7 users. » Avast Anti-virus » Malwarebytes Anti-Malware » CCleaner » OpenOffice » Adobe Reader X » 7-zip » Paint.NET » Google Chrome » Adobe flash player » VLC media […]

Centos_featuredInstall and configure DHCP server on centos 6

Setup DHCP server on Centos 6 : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is used to assign IP addresses and other stuff like gateway and DNS details automatically to the clients. we need a DHCP server configured for offering ipaddress to the clients when it is required . Installing DHCP server on Centos 6: After installing […]

Windows-featuredHow to disable startup programs in windows 7

Disabling startup programs in windows 7. Most of the application are automatically launched during startup .You need to wait for a long time after logged in . Your machine might get hanged while trying to launch any application just after you logged in. here we can see how to disable startup programs in windows 7 […]

Windows-featuredWindows 7 network disconnects when locked

Windows 7 network disconnects when locked VPN users on windows 7 might get disconnected after sometime when PC is in idle. To solve this issue you must disable sleep mode . Windows 7 default power settings will make your PC to sleep mode after 30 mins . VPN /IM’s/ other network related things will get […]