How to install audacious in ubuntu 12.04

Audacious is a light weight mp3 player which uses less resources and gives high quality audio . It comes with two interfaces ( GTK interface and Winamp interface ) . Winamp interface looks like old winamp 2.x version has a same functionality like playlist,presets etc..
install audacious in ubuntuinstall audacious in ubuntu 12.04
In this article we will see about Audacious installation in ubuntu 12.04 and importing presets.

Installing audacious in ubuntu 12.04 :

Audacious installation in ubuntu 12.04 is pretty easy , just issue the below three commands one by one.
» Add the repository using below command .
krizna@leela:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
» Update the repository
krizna@leela:~$ sudo apt-get update
» Issue the below command to install audacious.
krizna@leela:~$ sudo apt-get install audacious
That’s it ..By default it has GTK interface .
Install audacious GTK interface

Winamp interface

If you want winamp interface . just Goto View -> Interface and choose winamp classic interface

Install audacious change winamp interface
Install audacious winamp interface

Import presets

Presets are not available by default, you will have to add yourself . follow the steps to add presets.

» Click here to download preset zip file.

» Unzip and copy eq.preset file to /home/username/.config/audacious/  ( if already there , just replace it )
krizna@leela:~$ cp eq.preset .config/audacious/

» Restart audacious and click preset , now you can choose your favourite preset.

audacious winamp presets

Enjoy 🙂