How to add ubuntu to window NT domain

Mostly we use to add windows machines to Active directory . In this article we can see , how to add ubuntu machines to windows NT Domain.

Active Directory integration with centrify express is the easiest way to add ubuntu machines to windows domain.

Package installation:

First we need to enable repository .

Step 1 » GOTO System -> Administration -> Update Manager . Press “Settings”  and GOTO “Other Software”  and Check ” Canonical Partners” in the list and Press “Close“.

Add ubuntu windows NT domain

Step 2 » Type apt-get update on terminal .

krizna@leela:~$ sudo apt-get update

This command will update the packages list index.

Step 3 » Install centrify express .

krizna@leela:~$ sudo apt-get install centrifydc

Step 4 » Ignore local admin group in /etc/centridc/group.ignore file to carry sudo privileges . Just add “admin” to that list.

Adding to Windows NT Domain :

Step 5 » Adding to domain
krizna@leela:~$ sudo adjoin -u username -w fulldomainame

Eg: domain -> and Domain administrator user name -> dadmin
krizna@leela:~$ sudo adjoin -u dadmin -w

Step 6 » Type adinfo command to ensure domain details
krizna@leela:~$ adinfo
Local host name   :   ubuntu
Joined to domain  :
Joined as         :
Pre-win2K name    :   ubuntu
Current DC        :
Preferred site    :   RTFS
Subnet site       :
Warning! Unable to locate computer's subnet site in Active Directory.
Please advise your system administrator.
Zone              :   Auto Zone
CentrifyDC mode   :   connected
Licensed Features :   Disabled

Step 7 » Now add the domain user to the sudoers list . open /etc/sudoers file.
Find the line
# User privilege specification
root    ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

and Add the following line below . assuming domain username krizna
# User privilege specification
root    ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL
krizna  ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

You have successfully added ubuntu machine to the windows NTdomain  . Now restart your machine and you can able to login using domain username and password.


  1. I followed the steps to a T, they worked, but then my administrator account was unusable. presumably because the domain i added the Linux machine to, already had an admin account which is fine, but the sudo or su or any root privileges wont’ carry over. let me know when there’s a solution around this. thanks,

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