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Centos_featuredSetup FTP server on centos 7 ( VSFTP )

FTP server is used to exchange files between computers over network . This guide helps you to setup ftp server on centos 7 . This guide contains configuration steps for both FTP and SFTP as well as user creation . Here i’ve used VSFTP package which is secure and less vulnerable . 1. FTP Server […]

Centos_featuredHow to install LEMP on centos 6 ( Nginx, PHP, Mysql )

LEMP stack LEMP stack is nothing but a group of open source softwares combined together to make a webserver . LEMP refers to the first letters of Linux , Nginx ( Engine x ) , Mysql and PHP . About Nginx, It is a lightweight webserver which is more stable and secure, it serves static […]

Centos_featuredHow to setup nfs server on centos 6

NFS ( Network File System ) is used to share a directory with other clients over a network. It is very useful when it is implemented for accessing shared home folders . NFS configuration on centos 6 is very easy .Here we need a server and few client machines. For Demonstration: Server ( Centos ) […]

Ubuntu_featuredHow to install tomcat 7 on ubuntu 12.04

Tomcat ( Apache tomcat ) is an open source web application server used to deploy JAVA servlets and JSPs. This article helps you to install Tomcat 7 on ubuntu 12.04 . This article covers 2 types of installation:- Manual and Apt-get. Manual installation will install the latest version while Apt-get installation will install the repository […]

linuxmint_featuredHow to install Lamp on linux mint 13

LAMP: LAMP is basically a software bundle made up of open-source softwares ( Linux – Apache – Mysql or Marimba – Php / Perl / Python ) . LAMP refers to the first letters of each component . This article explains the installation and configuration of LAMP on linux mint 13. Install LAMP on linux […]

Ubuntu_featuredHow to install svn on ubuntu 12.04

Subversion (SVN): Subversion, otherwise known as SVN, is an open source version control system used to store historical changes of your project files such as documentation, coding etc. This article helps you to install svn on ubuntu 12.04 . also see the SVN installation on centos 6 Install svn server on centos 6 Install svn […]

Ubuntu_featuredHow to install VLC on ubuntu 13.04

VLC is the best cross-platform multimedia player and can be installed in ubuntu 13.04 . VLC can play most file formats and easy to use. previously we saw about installing vlc on ubuntu 12.04 . In this article we can see about installing vlc on ubuntu 13.04. Install VLC on ubuntu 13.04 Step 1 » […]

Ubuntu_featuredHow to install eclipse in ubuntu 12.04

Eclipse installation in ubuntu 12.04 is very simple . you can install eclipse using “software center” but you may not get the latest version, better download the latest version and install manually . Here we can see how to install eclipse in ubuntu manually . Installing eclipse in ubuntu 12.04 Step 1 » Before installing […]

Centos_featuredHow to install vnc on centos 6

VNC server VNC is used to display X windows sessions on remote computers.In this tutorial, we can learn how to setup VNC server on centos 6. Desktop environment is required in order to enable VNC server on centos. Install VNC on Centos 6 Before installing VNC server, make sure you have installed any Desktop environment. […]

Centos_featuredHow to install cacti on centos 6

Cacti – Network and performance monitoring tool Cacti is one of best monitoring tool used to monitor network, CPU load, memory, Disk and other services. Cacti uses PHP for front end, RRDTool for graphing and mysql for storage. Cacti installation on centos requires LAMP setup and SNMP. Install cacti on centos 6. Before installing cacti, […]

Ubuntu_featuredInstall and configure nginx webserver in ubuntu 12.04

Nginx Nginx is a lightweight webserver which is more stable and secure, it serves static content 50 times faster than Apache. nginx is a perfect load balancer can able to handle more than 7000 live request per second , In the meantime it consumes only less cpu and memory. Nginx reverse proxy is very powerful […]

Centos_featuredHow to install dns server in centos 6

DNS DNS helps to resolve domain name to ip address and ip address to domain name . In this post we can see how to configure DNS server on centos 6. Install dns server in centos 6 : Just follow the step by step instruction to setup dns server on centos 6 . You can […]