How to make windows xp faster

1. To Boot faster :
Msconfig utility is used to disable unwanted programs from system startup .
» Goto Startmenu -> Run -> Type “msconfig” and press Enter .
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Click “Startup” Tab (Last) . you can see the list of programs being loaded during startup . just uncheck unwanted softwares ( Allow only the softwares like antivirus , personal firewall etc. . and disable the rest ) . Now Reboot the Windows .
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2. Remove unwanted programs :
Unwanted programs may leads to slow down the windows xp performance . It might get installed without your knowledge . for example:- toolbars , addons etc.
To uninstall the Unwanted programs
» Goto Startmenu -> Control panel -> Add or Remove programs
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3. Stopping unwanted services:
You can disable unwanted services for better performance.
» Goto Startmenu -> control panel -> (Click Switch to classic view , if you can’t see “Administrative tools” ) Administrative tools -> Services .
» Goto Startmenu -> Run -> Type “services.msc” and press Enter .
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» Double click on service . Choose startup type as “Disable” . press “Apply” and “ok” . Repeat this step to disable all unwanted services and Reboot the windows.
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Here is the list of Unwanted service for Home Users.

  • Alerter
  • Clipbook
  • Application Layer Gateway Service
  • Background Intelligent Transfer Service
  • Error Reporting Service
  • Help and Support
  • Indexing Service
  • Messenger
  • Net Logon
  • Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service
  • NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
  • Telnet
  • Terminal Services
  • Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
  • Remote Registry
  • Routing and Remote Acces
  • Performance Logs and Alerts
  • SSDP Discovery Service
  • System Restore Service

4. Increasing virtual memory :
If you using more applications simultaneously, it may leads to slow down your windows while running low on RAM . Increasing pagefile size will makes little faster ( If it not works , please increase your RAM ) .
» My computer -> right click -> properties .
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» click “Advanced” Tab and press settings in the Performance column .
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» Again click “Advanced” Tab and press Change in the bottom right.
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» You will see initial and Maximum size . just enter initial size 1.5 times bigger than your Physical RAM and maximum size 3 times bigger . Now press Set and press ok for all and Reboot the windows.
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5. Cleaning Temp files , History and Registry :
You can use CCleaner for cleaning Temp files ,Internet history and Registry . CCleaner is third party tool and it is easy to use.
You can download a free copy from

» After installation . Open CCleaner
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» press Analyze , Now it will analyze the PC and Shows the approx size and details about the files to be removed .
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» press Run Cleaner , It will cleans your PC and shows the results .
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Now you have successfully Cleaned your Internet temporary files and history.
» Now select Registry from the Left panel and press Scan for Issues . it will show the Issue found in registry .
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» press Fix Selected issues .
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Finally reboot you PC 🙂

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