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Ubuntu_featuredInstall and configure nginx webserver in ubuntu 12.04

Nginx Nginx is a lightweight webserver which is more stable and secure, it serves static content 50 times faster than Apache. nginx is a perfect load balancer can able to handle more than 7000 live request per second , In the meantime it consumes only less cpu and memory. Nginx reverse proxy is very powerful […]

wordpress-featuredHow to improve wordpress/blog performance

Website loading time is an important factor to improve website’s position in search results. Slow pages may irritate visitors and makes them to leave immediately, This will increase bounce rate which makes major drop in search results for your keywords. Refer the below posts that describes major factors effecting page load. » » […]

wordpress-featuredHow to install wordpress manually using cpanel

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool based on PHP and MySQL .Many web hosting services may offer one click installation of wordpress , but recent studies shows one click installation of wordpress is unsecure and easy to hack . Here we can see how to install wordpress manually using cpanel . step […]