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Centos_featuredHow to install cacti on centos 6

Cacti – Network and performance monitoring tool Cacti is one of best monitoring tool used to monitor network, CPU load, memory, Disk and other services. Cacti uses PHP for front end, RRDTool for graphing and mysql for storage. Cacti installation on centos requires LAMP setup and SNMP. Install cacti on centos 6. Before installing cacti, […]

Windows-featuredInstall ubuntu on windows 7 – VirtualBox

Virtual Machine : Virtual machine is a software implementation that helps to run operating system virtually within a operating system (eg: You can run linux/solaris/windows OS on windows OS). Virtual machine can be useful for windows user who would like to try linux without effecting your current windows OS. Virtual machine is just like other […]

wordpress-featuredHow to improve wordpress/blog performance

Website loading time is an important factor to improve website’s position in search results. Slow pages may irritate visitors and makes them to leave immediately, This will increase bounce rate which makes major drop in search results for your keywords. Refer the below posts that describes major factors effecting page load. » » […]