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Centos_featuredHow to install phpmyadmin on centos 6

Phpmyadmin : Phpmyadmin is a free tool used to administrate MySQL . Phpmyadmin supports all major operation with MySQL in GUI mode. Before configuring Phpmyadmin refer these steps for installing and configuring apache , mysql and php. 1. Apache2 installation and configuration 2. Mysql installation 3. PHP installation 4. Testing all together PhpMyadmin installation on […]

Ubuntu_featuredHow to Install adobe flash player on ubuntu 12.04

Installing flash player on ubuntu 12.04 : Adobe flash player is the only application that allow you to browse multimedia content like animations , flash games , videos , advertisements , rich media content etc.. Adobe flash player is designed to support all the operating systems like windows , MAC , linux , solaris , […]

Centos_featuredInstalling and configuring samba on centos 6

How to install and configure samba on centos 6 : Samba is free software mainly used for file sharing between other platforms ( Windows ) using  SMB/CIFS protocol .Default centos 6 installation will not include samba packages , you need install manually .Here we can see how to install and configure samba using yum. Samba […]

Centos_featuredInstalling Apache2 , Mysql server and PHP on Centos 6 (LAMP)

How to install Apache , mysql and PHP on centos 6 . In this tutorial we can see the step by step installation of Apache webserver along with mysql and php enabled. This tutorial is very basic , Strictly for beginners or internal purpose . After installing Centos 6 (Centos 6 installation step by step […]

Ubuntu_featuredHow to install teamviewer7 on ubuntu 12.04

Install teamviewer7 on ubuntu 12.04 : Installing team viewer 7 on ubuntu 12.04 is pretty easy , No need to install wine and other dependency stuff . Download a fresh teamviewer Debian package from “” and issue below command with downloaded teamviewer package . krizna@leela:~$sudo dpkg -i teamviwer_linux.deb Type  Teamviewer  on your search and you can […]

Ubuntu_featuredInstall google chrome on ubuntu 12.04

How to install google chrome on ubuntu 12.04 Google chrome is one of most popular browser for its quick launching and fast browsing. In this article we can see how to install google chrome on ubuntu 12.04 We can install google chrome in two methods. Method 1 We can install chrome from google official repository […]