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How to install VNC server on ubuntu 14.04

VNC server is used to share graphical desktop which can be controlled from other computers . This guide is helpful to install VNC server on Ubuntu Desktop 14.04, Ubuntu server 14.04 and Ubuntu cloud 14.04 . Basically ubuntu server and ubuntu cloud editions does not contains GUI, which needs to be installed before installing VNC […]

How to install adobe reader in ubuntu 14.04

Adobe reader is the most essential PDF viewer . This guide helps you to install adobe reader in ubuntu 14.04 Desktop. As of now adobe reader is not included in the official ubuntu 14.04 repository. you need to download and install Manually . Adobe has already released .dep package for debian which can be used […]

How to install adobe reader on ubuntu 13.04

Adobe reader: Adobe reader is a free and most trusted software to view PDF is the one of the essential software must installed in all kind of operating systems like linux , windows , MAC, tablets and mobiles. This article help you to install adobe reader on Ubuntu 13.04. Just follow the simple steps […]

How to install VLC on ubuntu 13.04

VLC is the best cross-platform multimedia player and can be installed in ubuntu 13.04 . VLC can play most file formats and easy to use. previously we saw about installing vlc on ubuntu 12.04 . In this article we can see about installing vlc on ubuntu 13.04. Install VLC on ubuntu 13.04 Step 1 » […]

Linux free download – Popular distributions

Linux becomes more popular in all user categories such as developers , designers , marketing people, administrators, bloggers and more. It is free, flexible and secure. Here i’ve listed popular linux distributions along with download links (ISO) in categories . Linux free downloads : » Desktop distributions » Server distributions » Netbook distributions » Cloud […]