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Ubuntu_featuredHow to install dropbox on ubuntu 12.04

Dropbox: Dropbox is a very popular online file sharing service. Drop is free,lightweight and easy to access . It has a free app for everything.. you can sync files from your computer, laptop, phones or tablets using apps. Install dropbox on ubuntu 12.04 Open terminal ( CTRL + ALT + t ) and follow the […]

Ubuntu_featuredHow to install adobe flash player on ubuntu 13.04

Adobe flash player installation on ubuntu 13.04 is very easy . Either you can use software centre or just by typing simple commands. In this article we can see about installing adobe flash player in command mode. Install adobe flash player on ubuntu 13.04 Press ALT + CTR + T to open terminal and type […]

Linux free download – Popular distributions

Linux becomes more popular in all user categories such as developers , designers , marketing people, administrators, bloggers and more. It is free, flexible and secure. Here i’ve listed popular linux distributions along with download links (ISO) in categories . Linux free downloads : » Desktop distributions » Server distributions » Netbook distributions » Cloud […]